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Choosing sandals is a personal decision. Feel assured when shopping! Are you aware that most people have slight differences in their feet?

Shop confidently by tracing the outline of each foot. Include your regular shoe size and width in the sketch, and send it to Nic and Evie.

We will provide a list of sandals tailored to fit your feet perfectly. It's a hassle-free process! You can reach us via email at or visit our website at

Nic and Evie constantly add a fresh assortment of products. Stay vigilant for the latest additions, or consider signing up on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on our new offerings.

Nic and Evie will organise a tracking number, and an email will inform you of the number when the item is dispatched. We suggest reaching out to auspost to request the photograph taken upon delivery. For any lost parcels, it is important to follow up with your local post office after they have been delivered. Australia Post provides all the necessary terms and conditions on its website.

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