👡💕 I'm thrilled to share the story behind Nic and Evie, my passion project that's all about bringing you high-quality, stylish sandals without breaking the bank.

Family and Fashion: Nic and Evie was born from a desire to be around my family while providing women and girls with top-notch, affordable sandals. I noticed the need for quality footwear that didn't compromise on style or comfort, and I set out to make it happen.



My Vision: At Nic and Evie, I dream of a world where women and girls can step into affordable, chic shoes that make them feel fabulous. It's about more than just footwear; it's about empowering you to express your style confidently.

In Your Home and Online: Whether you're browsing online or hosting a Nic and Evie Shoe Party in the comfort of your home, I'm excited to share these beautiful sandals with you. It's not just about selling shoes; it's about creating a community of women who love to look good, feel good, and support one another.

Comfort and Style: I believe in the magic of sandals. Every pair is crafted with care, ensuring not just style but comfort, too. Picture this: a stunning summer outfit paired with handcrafted sandals from skilled artisans, not from sweatshops. That's the Nic and Evie promise.